Recycled Products

Recycled Products

We are actively involved in recycling solutions across the globe. We believe that all the wastes including hazardous and toxics can be recycled or incinerate which leads to energy optimization.

We also help the esteemed clients in taking their waste solvents, refine/ purify to meet their product specification and return back to them following all the safety and quality norms.

  • Providing Recycling solutions services since 1983 through the treatment, recovery and recycling of waste.
  • Managing the wastes from chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronic and oleo industries
  • Contributing approx. 40% of Vikalp Group’s turnover.

Most of our spent & crude solvents, distilled solvents, off spec Chemicals and surplus/ stock lots gets collected, segregated and sold to neighboring countries. Products list is-

  • Hydrocarbons: Toluene, Xylene, Toluene/xylene mixture, Hexane, Cyclohexane, Ethyl Benzene, Heptane, C5, C6, C9
  • Alcohols: IPA 80%, IPA 97%, IPA 95%, Methanol, Ethanol etc.
  • Acetates: Ethyl Acetates, Isopropyl Acetates, Methyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate etc.
  • Chlorinated Solvents: Methylene Chloride 99%, Methylene Chloride 91%, Perchlorethylene, Trichloroethylene
  • Thinners: Thinner Grade A, Thinner Grade B, Multipurpose Thinner etc.
  • Ketones: Acetone 95%, MEK, MIBK

Current List of Recycled Products

Updated: 24th may 2018

  • Distilled Toluene & Ethyl Acetate Mixture
  • Recycled MMA
  • Distilled PMA
  • Distilled PGMEA
  • Recycled Methylene Chloride
  • Recycled NMP
  • Recycled Tetrahydrofuran 90%
  • Recycled Thinner: Grade Arrow A
  • Recycled Thinner: Grade Arrow B
  • Recycled Fuel Oil
  • Recycled Diesel
  • Used Engine Oil
  • Glycols: MEG, DEG, HEG, Crude Glycols containing EGs, MPG, DPG
  • Miscellaneous: Triethylamine, DMF, THF, DMAC, NMP, Acetonitrile, PMA, PGMEA,
  • Polymers: LDPE, HDPE, PET, ABS etc.
  • Solid Chemicals: Adipic Acid, TiO2, Poly Vinyl Alcohol, Malic Acid etc.
  • Oil: Recycled Base Oil, 2T, 4T, SAE 4o etc.
  • Fuel: Recovered Fuel Oil, Furnace Oil, Used Engine Oil, Black Diesel, waste Kerosene, Naphtha etc.

Stock List

Distilled Products

  • Recycled Methylene Chloride 99.5%: 4 FCL
  • Recycled Methylene Chloride 86%: 2 FCL
  • Distilled Ethyl Acetate 88%: Weekly 2 FCL
  • Distilled IPA 97%: 3 FCL
  • Distilled IPA 92%: 2 FCL
  • Distilled BTX (mixture of Toluene, Xylene and EB)
  • PGMEA: Mixture of PMA and PGMEA: 8 FCL
  • Distilled Hexane: 2 FCL
  • Distilled Acetone: 1 FCL
  • Thinner

Crude & Spent Products

  • MEG with 10% water
  • MEG with 20% Water
  • MPG, DiPG and Tri PG Mixture (with max 15% water): 200 MT per Month
  • Naphtha
  • C5

Energy & Fuel

  • Recovered Fuel Oil (Visc Max 180 CST, Flack pt Min 60 Deg C, Water 0.1%, Sulphur Maz 1%, Sediments 0.3%): 5 FCL weekly
  • Used Engine Oil: Weekly 10 FCL
  • Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel: 15 FCL weekly

Miscellaneous Off Spec Material

  • PVA
  • Paint
  • TiO2
  • LDPE