Engineering Consultancy

Equipped with well-qualified Engineering team with experience in planning, installation, commissioning, Operate and maintain Refineries, Chemical and Pharmaceutical plants.

Years of experience and our people are our Asset.


We provide our clients ongoing plant maintenance, troubleshooting, optimization etc. Our team is well qualified with 20-25 Years of experience in plant operations, Maintenance, Commissioning, start up and Plant Turnaround covering Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Refineries and Electronic industries. Our expertise are-

  • Environment Consulting Services
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Trouble shooting and Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts
  • Study to find root cause, Corrective and preventive Actions
  • Represent clients for CAPA meetings with PUB, National Environment Agencies, MOM etc. Govt agencies.
  • Provide Manpower to run utility plants
  • Set up and run MBR, MBBR, RO, Waste Water Treatment Plant etc

Recent Projects

  1. Wastewater Treatment plant, India
  2. Study and troubleshoot the root cause of hazardous substances found in sewer water, Singapore
  3. Optimization of distillation plant, Singapore
  4. Commissioning of Naphtha Plant, UAE
  5. Commissioning of Pentane from Naphtha plant
  6. Potable water plant from waste effluent, Singapore.