Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Vikalp Foundation believes that we all have the responsibilities towords the society and Planet Earth to make it better place to live.The Group fulfills its social responsibilities by helping less fortunate people for Better Tomorrow. We are making small but effective efforts in following fields with mission ” Giving Back”-

  • Humanitarian Causes
  • Tree Plantation, 3R and Renewable energy

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Singh Gajendra

Vikalp Foundation

Current Projects-

1: Education- Adopted from 6th standard to 10+2 standard students and Providing them quality education to rural areas. Currently > 600 students are enrolled for high school and 10+2 education.

School Name: SRCSN Inter College. Uttar Pradesh

Its non-profit organisation helping the financially less fortunate students.

Future Plans: To add more class rooms for computer and science classes. Also expecting to add bachelor degree courses. We aim to run technical education courses also so students can be self-dependent.

2: Marriages: In rural areas, some of the families can’t afford to get their daughters married to suitable grooms and girl child is considered burden to them. We are currently supporting such parents who need financial help for their daughter’s wedding expenses subject to their financial condition.

3: Shelter for homeless: We are in process of building such premise where homeless kids and old folks can stay. The project is expected to be completed by 2018. We will have following under one roof-

1- Home for old folks

2- Home for Homeless kids

3- Rooms for Volunteers

4- Gokul: Shelter for Cows: Source of revenue and quenching the religious belief.

4: Food for All: No one should sleep Hungry: We are blessed to have more than what we need. We believe in sharing and we have launched Food for All program in Madagascar in Mid 2016.

We are trying to do our part.

Adopt a Student

We are working on such two new projects. Hopefully, we are launching this project in  Dec 2016.

Project 1-

If any financially poor student qualify any well-known Engineering, Medical or Management competition which justify the capabilities and talent of students, we’ll support such students to finance their fees ( partially or fun subject to their parents financial conditions)

Project 2-

Currently we are experimenting with few student since last 2 years. If we don’t have students who are talented and have not qualified well-known competitions, still we’ll approach students who wish to further their studies in Engineering, Medical and Managements.
Details are as follows-

  • To evaluate the financial condition of the parents of students from financially poor community.
  • Students studying or have passed 10+2 who wish to pursue their studies in Engineering, we will finance their school fee etc. The miscellaneous expenses ( including food, accommodation etc, we need to work with parents to support by all means).
  • After completion of 4 years full-time degree course, we will help them to find a suitable placement for the student.
  • Students will have to adopt/ finance another potential student within 5 years after completion of their degree, that’s what we expect from all the students.
  • Vikalp Group has located such Engineering colleges where we can send our shortlisted students.
  • Vikalp Group is committed to support any donor who wish to adopt such students.